Tin Can Bar & Patio

Once upon a time not so long ago there was an upstairs Tiki Bar in Dupont Circle that didn’t serve tiki drinks. Sounds dumb, right?

Well, The Big Hunt staff decided that it was dumb and that it was time for us to do something about it. So, in April 2019 we put in a hard day’s work and debuted the Tin Can Bar.

Adjacent to the Voodoo Lounge where all the games are, the Tin Car Bar has 11 draft beers and a bunch of, you guessed it, canned beers.





It’s also got the standard spirits, a smattering of unobjectionable wine, and easy access to a covered patio area with picnic tables and ashtrays. Smoking cigarettes is gross and we don’t condone it, but we support your autonomy; your body, your choice.


Upstairs Patio at The Big Hunt
Big Hunt Upstairs Patio Night