The Big Hunt is first and foremost a bar. It’s a really big bar. In fact, there are four bars in the entire building. The basement bar is designated as the Devil’s Kitchen. It’s got a ton of creepy, sexy, bloody, anatomically correct, and overall inappropriate artwork on its walls.

Hannibal Buress at The Big Hunt
Hannibal Buress at The Big Hunt

It’s also got an exposed brick wall and weird snakeskin curtains, so it is an obvious venue for comedy which is what happened when Underground Comedy began producing regular stand-up comedy shows in 2013.

Since then The Big Hunt stage has seen hundreds of up-and-coming comics work out material and record comedy albums. We’ve also seen more than a few established comedians perform for both spontaneous and sold-out shows.

Below are some of the comics who have performed at The Big Hunt

Chris Redd
Hannibal Buress
Jermaine Fowler
Jim Jefferies
Judah Friedlander
Kevin Hart
Michael Che
Michelle Wolf
Patton Oswalt
Rory Scovel
Tom Segura